Swamplands of Beauty

April 15.

Tuesday evening marked the convergence of many wedding guests in the Louisiana State Park, Chicot Park. The park service recently tore down the existing cabins and built some new structures that are more reminiscent of a ski condo than a swamp cabin. This place was sweet. Mr. Bobby let Stephen borrow his bass boat, and Jason’s father’s bass boat was also waiting. Several of us went out for a gator cruise on the waters.

Jason Fontenot, Jason M., and Marc pushing through the duckweedThe Bride, Miranda, in Lane #2


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Bon Voyage Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez

So this blog was delayed, though hopefully not decimated by 1) zero internet access in the ragin’ cajun city of Ville Platte, pop. 10,000(?), and 2) the usual debauchery associated with New Orleans.

Whisked away from the Lafayette airport, we arrived in Ville Platte on Tuesday evening, April 15, hit the drive-thru Dacquiri stand, aka Gator’s, got the tour (where’s Main Street?), and then visited the market. I could swear it was a convenience store, but this place had a full meat section, smoker, and several other essentials for our evening barbeque.

Drink-In or Drive-Thru

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Late Already

After multiple trips to New Orleans, and two trips to Mardi Gras, I should know that you can never arrive too early. That said, you can definitely stay too long. Ville Platte is cooking, or at the very least it’s preparing for a big cook-out. I just hope we make it before all of the squirrel is eaten. Pics via King Stephen.  One day ’til”Sayonara SEATTLE.”

Served for the Tourists-  \

Sacrificial Bacon

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Preparation for the Big Time

Advil. Aspirin. Vicodin, Valium, Xanax. Check, check, check, nix, check. We hope we don’t abuse them, but it is New Orleans.

In two days, we leave for a true cultural experience. It’s not simply a wedding in the French Quarter of New Orleans. Of course, that would be enough. But no, this is 3 days of revelry in the heart of cajun country, Ville Platte, Louisiana, prior to the wedding in the French Quarter. As they say, “Ville Platte: where it’s at!”

Jason will wed Miranda at the Maison De Ville, but not before we experience the home of down home. We expect the cajun bbq game of washerboard. We expect a hearty helping of squirrel, as all children in Ville Platte are relieved of academic duty on the first day of squirrel season. We expect a pig on a spit, and maybe even whiskey before noon. Like Death and Taxes, Louisiana doesn’t disappoint.

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